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Special Education

Calvert Charter for Enriched Studies provides a range of programs and services to students found eligible for special education. 

Resource Specialist Program

Instruction and services for students with disabilities who are assigned to general education teachers for the majority of the school day, including; the provision of information and assistance to students with disabilities and their parents; provision of consultation, resource information, and material regarding students with disabilities to parents and staff; coordination of special education services with the general school programs for each student enrolled in the resource specialist program; monitoring of pupil progress on a regular basis; and at the secondary level, emphasis on academic achievement, career and vocational development, and preparation for adult life. 

Three classes for children with Autism (K -1, 2-3, and 4-5) on the Core Curriculum:  The basic curriculum utilized by the general education program based on State Standards and aligned to the State Content Area Frameworks.  These programs serve students with disabilities with similar and more intensive educational needs. Students can only be placed in special day programs when an individualized education program team determines that education in general education classes with the use of supplementary aids and services, including curriculum modification and behavioral support, cannot be achieved satisfactorily.

Language and Speech program - This is for students who have been assessed as having a language or speech disorder which makes him or her eligible for special education and related services.  The student must demonstrate difficulty understanding or using spoken language to such an extent that it adversely affects his or her educational performance and cannot be corrected without special education and related services. The disorder is not due to unfamiliarity with English.